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Welcome to all Motorcycle Enthusiasts

Club Meetings
Our meeting place is the Papanui RSA at 55 Bellvue Ave, Papanui. Meeting starts at 7:30 but come along earlier to a drink and a chat. Or even for a meal. Some of the club are there by 6:30 for feed.
The FIRST and THIRD Monday each month. Club rides are usually on the Sunday following the first Monday.

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The Plains Motorcycle Club originally started as the Drifters MC on 12 February 1986. However following a disturbance at the Cust midnight Spit Rally of 1987, where several of the clubs members caused a little disturbance when their fun was not recognized as such by other rally goers it was decided a name change was needed to remove our supposed bad name and improve our image. The result was a change of name to Plains Motorcycle Club at a meeting on 20th July 1987.
The Drifters were a group of motorcyclists, friends and relatives who enjoyed motorcycling and decided to form their own club. Over the years there have been many changes of members and activities of Club involvement.
The main events were the Claytons Rally, the rally you have when you don’t have a rally. This was a postal event for a badge. The money was used from 1989 as a means of sponsorship for the Cholmondeley Children’s Home at Governors Bay over the hill from Christchurch. The last Claytons was in 1994. The Club continued to support the home however in a more limited fashion, until 2001 when the Sundown Retreat/Rally was instigated, with the profits from this going to the home. The Club also from 1989 ran a Cholmondeley badge run with money from the sale of badges going to the home and this is now approaching it’s 20th anniversary. We collect at this run many educational aids for the home - books, craft equipment, videos, DVDs, etc; which essentially maintain the home over the winter months. We have also bought equipment such as a commercial toaster and warm jackets for staff.
The Club is very much into motorcycling and motorcycle events, such as rallies. We also have annual Club events such as our Nelson Creek Run, started in 1989 and still going strong. Held at Labour weekend in October. We also have several overnighters such as a Christmas do, a midyear overnighter and several others in the year. Also every month there is a Club ride. The only drawback with this living in Christchurch, getting off straight boring roads can take some time. You can only ride the same roads so many times before they become repetitive.
The Club is social in that there are also parties throughout the year, groups going to movies, and playing several other clubs at sports (pool, darts, indoor bowls etc), so there is enough to keep us busy. All in all we’re an active little group and one that seems to go from strength to strength.

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